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Linen Room Spray

Linen Room Spray

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Transform your space into a tranquil sanctuary with our room and linen spray. This long-lasting formula refreshes any room or fabric with a delightful burst of fragrance. Elevate your surroundings and revitalize your home with this 2oz linen room spray, available in a variety of alluring scents.



Just four ingredients include distilled water, phthalate-free fragrance oil, pure organic polysorbate 20, and a dash of a paraben-free preservative to provide a gentle long-lasting experience.



Gently shake the bottle before each application.

Maintain the bottle at an upright position and direct the spray towards the middle of the room or onto bedding from a distance of approximately 12 inches.

Experience the quick release of scent as it softly spreads through the air or onto the bedding.



This product is designed for external application only.

Keep it away from the eyes. Should contact happen, flush the affected area with water thoroughly.

Store this product out of the reach of children and animals. It is not meant to be ingested.

Refrain from applying sprays directly to the skin or to materials that may be sensitive to fragranced substances or preservatives.

Store in a cool, dry area, shielded from direct sunlight and heat sources.



This product is flammable. Keep it at a safe distance from open flames, sparks, and hot surfaces. Do not attempt to puncture or burn the container, even when it is empty.
Use in an area with good air circulation. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.


All of our linen sprays are available in the following scents. 



Mahogany, cedar, geranium, and resinous woods are infused with hints of lavender to create an empowering masculine fragrance. Mahogany Teakwood BBW®/White Barn® inspired.

Top notes: Cedar, Musk

Middle notes: Lavender

Base notes: Mahogany, Geranium, Oak 



With hints of sea salt and ozone, this fragrance is an elegant combination of tropical orchid, jasmine, and white musk.

Top notes: Fresh Orchid, White Musk

Middle notes: Greens, Jasmine, Sea Salt

Base notes: Ozone, Tonka



Mint leaves combine with citrus notes, verbena, and eucalyptus to create a refreshing, fresh scent.

Top notes: Fresh Mint

Middle notes: Verbena, Greens

Base notes: Eucalyptus



An enchanting blend of ripe plums, sweet florals, and salty ocean ozone. A subtle note of vanilla and amber lingers in the background to complete this distinctive fragrance. 

Top notes: Plum, Sea Salt, Ozone

Middle notes: Floral, Cardamom

Base notes: Vanilla, Amber



A rich, mysterious blend of masculine tonka bean and soft rosewood on a base of black amber resin. Highlighted with hints of fresh citrus and cedarwood.

Top notes: Citrus Zest, Tea Petals, Morning Mist

Middle notes: Tonka Bean, Shaved Rosewood, White Thyme

Base notes: Crushed Cedre Twigs, Vetiver Root, Black Amber Resin


In partnership with Ecodrive, we commit to planting a tree for each order received. Join us in fostering a cleaner, greener future and contribute to environmental change.



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